The High School in Limanowa

The High School in Limanowa no 1 is a coordinator of the Together Again project. It is school with a rich history and traditions, one of the oldest and best in Limanowa county. The school teaches, educates and inspires young people to be creative and stand out of the crowd. The teaching staff places particular emphasis on the comprehensive development of young people - not only education and upbringing to fundamental values, but above all discovering talents and individual predispositions.



ARID has a great deal of experience in the project’s proposal topic area. This association is a partner in the project in the frame of Erasmus+ School Education. ARID cooperates broadly with several universities and schools in Poland and is in charge of the correct sequence of the Together Again project.


Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria "4th April"

Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria "4th April" is an informal association of students and young people, especially interested in psychology. Their main task in the project is to develop a "toolbox" and specialized methodology for teachers and students to face the consequences of three-year isolation. Young Psychologists assure that it is an amazing opportunity for cooperation and re-establishing the bond between the student and the teacher and the student-student.


93rd Secondary School „Aleksander Teodorov-Balan“

A public school in Sofia, 93rd Secondary School „Aleksander Teodorov-Balan“ expects to acquire language competences, new ideas not only for students but also for teachers. The partner has a great experience in taking part in Erasmus+ programmes, which allow to create educational spaces and strategies in favor of autonomy and social commitment.


Colegio Séneca

Colegio Séneca in Cordoba, Spain is another partner in the Together Again project, which aims to develop skills and emotional competences among young people. All partners are aware of the emotional problems of our students, so we are happy to be able to share the results with our students and we hope this project will provide incredible materials and knowledge for our students.



INDEPCIE, the Institute for Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence is the partner responsible for support and guidance for secondary school teachers and young people, focusing on the development of interpersonal and socio-emotional skills.



CEDA Slovakia has significant experience in preparation and implementation of EU projects and thanks to experienced ICT staff also provides ICT support in projects in the field of Web-Design, Graphic Design, Programming, LMS implementation... CEDA is the main technological project partner, it is also the leading partner for dissemination activities and will develop all dissemination tools (project visual identity, website, flyers, newsletters...) that will be used to promote the project.


ZS Fatranska

ZS Fatranska, the Slovak school partner, will coordinate the tasks related to the implementation of pilot testing phase. The pandemic results are the same in all countries, therefore the school in Slovakia is looking for a common solution to deal with the problems caused by Covid-19, which have a strong impact on interpersonal relations between students and teachers.